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How to use Protocol Buffers with REST

Look beyond JSON while building microservices, Protocol Buffers might be what you need instead.

Implement Microsoft Login in a react app

A react.js plugin to implement office365 login

Create your first voice bot for Google Assistant

The idea of having a bot, who listens, understands and responds to your commands, is very intriguing. How about creating one yourself?

How to make express.js server run on http/2

Let's see how we can make express.js server run on HTTP/2.

A Comparison between HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2

Let's see what is new in HTTP/2 which is the next version of most widely deployed web protocol HTTP/1

A no nonsense configuration module for node.js

There is no dearth of configuration modules for node.js on npm, however if you are looking for something really simple then tiny-config this is another option you can try.

Setting up development environment for Google App Engine and Python

PyCharm community edition does not come with GAE support out of the box, so you need to make changes here and there to make it work for you. Keep reading to know how to configure PyCharm to enable debugging and autocomplete for GAE applications.

Add RSS feed to your Node.Js website

If you have your own blog and do not have RSS feed in your website then you might be inadvertently be sending your website visitors off resulting in low traffic to your website.

Part 2: Building web app using react.js, express.js, node.js and mongodb

This article is part 2 of this series, if you have not followed the part 1 then you might find this article a bit confusing, please visit the part 1 first.

Part 1: Building web app using react.js, express.js, node.js and mongodb

In this series of articles, we will be creating a full stack single page JavaScript application from scratch.